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Almond-Kat Badam (1 KG)

৳ 830.00
Almonds Net Weight: 1 kg Origin: USA Pure and Fresh Grocery Item Good for your healthy life

Amloki (1 KG)

৳ 100.00

Black Cardamom-Kalo Elach (1 KG)

৳ 850.00
Black Cardamom Capacity: 1 kg Origin: India Good quality herb Used as a medicine Cardamom works in the prevention of cancer

Black Cumin Seeds-Kalo Jira (1 KG)

৳ 200.00
Black Cumin Seeds Quantity / Amount: 1 kg Pure Grocery Item Good for your healthy life

Black Mustard Seed-Kalo Sarisa Dana (1 KG)

৳ 60.00
Black Mustard Seed Pure and Fresh Grocery Item 100% Halal Good for your healthy life

Black Pepper-Gol Morich (1 KG)

৳ 420.00
Product details of Black Pepper- 1kg Black Pepper Quantity / Amount: 1kg Production / Origin: Syria Pure and Fresh Grocery Item Good for your healthy life


৳ 120.00
Bohera Net Weight: 1 kg Origin: Bangladesh Good for your healthy life Bohera is used for Hair tonic, Diarrhoea, Leprosy, Stomach worms

Cardamom-Elach (1 KG)

৳ 3,950.00
Small Size : 500 Gms : 2000 Tk 250 Gms : 1000 Tk 100 Gms : 400 Tk Original Product (100 % Halal) Projapoti Green Cardamom 50gm packet Used in many cooking recipes, with strong scent and aroma 100% Halal A common ingredient in Indian cooking, green cardamom has an intensely aromatic fragrance. The whole cardamom can be bruised to flavor rice, curries and in the Middle East, it is used as a spice for sweet dishes and flavoring coffee & teas.

Cashew Nuts (কাজু বাদাম) Kaju badam – 1 kg

৳ 980.00
Cashew Nut Quantity / Amount: 1 kg Production / Origin: Brasil Pure and Fresh Grocery Item Good for your healthy life Delicately sweet yet crunchy and delicious cashew nut is packed with energy, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that are essential for robust health! Cashew, or “caju” in Portuguese, is one of the popular ingredients in sweet as well as savory dishes worldwide. Botanically, cashew is an average size tropical evergreen tree belonging to the Anacardiaceae family of the genus: Anacardium. Scientific name: Anacardium occidentale. The cashew tree is native to Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, which spread all over the world by Portuguese explorers. Today, it is cultivated commercially in Brazil, Vietnam, and India and in many African countries. Cashew tree bears numerous, edible, pear-shaped false fruits or “accessory fruits’” called “cashew apples.” A small bean-shaped, grey color “true-fruit” is firmly adhering to lower end of these cashew-apples appearing like a clapper in the bell. Botanically, this “true fruit” is a drupe, featuring hard outer shell enclosing a single edible seed or the “cashew nut.” The exterior shell composes a phenolic resin, urushiol, which is a potent caustic skin irritant toxin. In the processing units, this outer shell is roasted in order to destroy the urushiol resin, and then; the edible cashew kernel is extracted. Cashew nut measures about an inch in length and 1/2 inches in diameter with kidney or bean shape, and smooth curvy pointed tip. Each nut has two equal halves as in legumes. The nuts are the cream white color with the firm yet delicate texture and smooth surface. Cashews have the buttery texture with a pleasant sweet fruity aroma

Celery Seeds-Radhuni (1 KG)

৳ 1,300.00
Product Type: Celery Seeds Capacity: 1 kg Fresh Grocery Item 100% Natural Organic Item

Chia seeds-1kg

৳ 1,200.00
Benefits of Chia Seeds: The High Fiber and Protein Content in Chia Seeds May Help You Lose Weight Chia Seeds Are Loaded With Antioxidants Almost All the Carbs in Them Are Fiber Chia Seeds Are High in Quality Protein Chia Seeds Deliver a Massive Amount of Nutrients With Very Few Calories Chia Seeds Are High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids Chia Seeds May Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease Given that chia seeds are high in fiber, protein an They’re High in Many Important Bone Nutrients Chia Seeds May Reduce Blood Sugar Levels They May Reduce Chronic Inflammation Chia Seeds Are Easy to Incorporate Into Your Diet


৳ 480.00
Product Type:Cinnamon/Darchini Capacity: 1kg 100% Organic Spices Fresh Grocery Item Used in Different types of Vegetable, Curry etc